Construction Permits

Construction Permits

by ebes
Obtaining construction permits in Nigeria involves manual submission of several documentations, higher
fees and longer procedures than most countries

Operationalize e-planning platform for Lagos

Construction permits’ procedures currently require manual submission of a large set of documents.

Expected Results:
  • Ability to submit and track application
  • Reduced time to secure permits

Limit soil tests & EIA to only specialised cases

Unclear criteria on who needs to undertake soil tests and environmental tests, a time-consuming portion of getting permits

Expected Results:
  • Eliminate soil tests for constructions below four storeys that are not in marshy areas
  • Eliminate EIA tests requirement for low scale construction

Publicise fees, procedures & laws

Applicants are unclear about which rules, fees, and procedures apply, and in what situations

Expected Results:
  • Predictability of fees during application
  • Transparency of planning permit assessment
Number of days required to get construction permits reduced from 42 to 20