Registering Property

Registering Property

by ebes
Registering property in Nigeria requires 2X the cost and number of procedures, and 3X the amount of time as in leading countries

Consolidate several payments into one

Presently, different fees are needed at different stages of title registration, requiring a lot of trips on the applicant’s part.

Expected Results:
  • Applicants for title payment make just one payment

Reduce time for Governor's Consent

Time required for Governor’s Consent exceeds those of other countries with similar laws, and the governor is presented with a large number of applications regularly.

Expected Results:
  • E-signing of Governor’s Consent
  • Reduced time for Governor’s Consent by delegation of consent powers to Commissioners

Consolidate and publicise complaint mechanism

It is currently difficult to provide constructive feedback on the title registration process and advocate for changes.

Expected Results:
  • Functional complaint mechanism with guaranteed acknowledgment.

Eliminate requirement for sworn affidavit in Land Registry search

Number of days required to register property reduced from 77 to 30