Starting A Business

Starting A Business

by ebes
Starting a business in Nigeria can be difficult, requiring 2X as many procedures and 3X the amount of time as in developed economies

Enable online submission of registration documents

Currently, business owners are unable to upload their documents online on the portal of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Expected Results:
  • Upload functionality available on CAC portal
  • Eliminate physical visits to CAC locations

Integrate FIRS e-payment solution into CAC online portal

Business owners currently go through stress and delays in making payment to the FIRS for stamp duties

Expected Results:
  • Quick and convenient e-stamping process

Improve Reliability of CAC Online Portal

The CAC portal/servers experience frequent downtime, preventing business owners from quickly and efficiently registering their businesses.

Expected Results:
  • Uptime expected to be greater than 99%
  • Increased confidence in CAC online process

Consolidate incorporation forms

Business owners hoping to start a business currently have to fill seven forms to facilitate incorporation process

Expected Results:
  • Single form required for incorporation
  • Simplified application process

Number of Days required for business registration reduced from 10 to 2