Entry & Exit of People

Entry & Exit of People

by ebes
Visiting and working in Nigeria – from getting travel documentation to using our airports – is unsatisfactory

Simplify Visa on Arrival & submission processes

Visa on Arrival application process is currently unclear and applications have to be submitted in person

Expected Results:
  • Submission of applications and receipt of  approval letter electronically by email
  • 48-hour timeline for pre-approval and website improvement for increased transparency around application process

Eliminate manual baggage searches

Passengers undergo manual searches of baggage on departure at the airports, which is intrusive and time-consuming

Expected Results:
  • No manual search of baggage
  • Less delays during departure

Consolidate arrival and departure forms

Multiple forms have to be filled on arrival/ departure and there is lack of clarity for travellers

Expected Results:
  • Single form for departure and for arrival (non-Nigerians only)
  • Full clarity for travellers

Upgrade of Lagos & Abuja airports

Major infrastructure deficits at Lagos and Abuja airports such as decrepit elevators, escalators and chillers.

Expected Results:
  • Functional infrastructure at Lagos and Abuja airports
  • Clearly defined maintanance schedules

Visa processing timeline & improved traveller experience