Trading Across Borders

Trading Across Borders

by ebes
Exporting from Nigeria can require almost 10X the amount time and 5X the cost as leading nations, with similar gaps for importing

Mandate the use of pallets for all imports

Goods coming into the country are stacked haphazardly, without pallets, making physical examination impractical

Expected Results:
  • Quicker physical examinations
  • Utilization of modern equipment for effective and efficient examination of cargo

NCS to schedule examination of cargo

In practice, importers are currently forced to seek out and schedule agencies needed to examine cargo

Expected Results:
  • Single point of contact for examination
  • Same day signoff of Inspection Act

Provide advance cargo manifest to Terminal Operators

Manifests are not always available prior to arrival of ships, leading to sub-optimal offloading of cargo

Expected Results:
  • Optimized placement of containers
  • Improved risk assessment

Optimize pre-shipment process for exports

Current process is manual, with inconsistent timelines for processing pre-shipment documentation

Expected Results:
  • Reduction of processing time for export documentation by up to 50%
  • Automated scheduling of inspections

Reduction in Export & Import Time